Welcome to JustShareHope! The FAQs below are to help with any issues navigating our site. Feel free to reach out to us directly with any issues or concerns at info@justsharehope.com. Thanks, JSH Team

What is JustShareHope?

JustShareHope is a online volunteer community dedicated to have a positive impact on a global scale by encouraging those with time, talent, education and passion to collaborate, meet needs, and solve problems. 

Are there any costs associated with joining the JustShareHope community?

There is no charge for volunteers or organizations to join the JustShareHope community. 

How do I search for a specific organization?

To find a particular nonprofit organizations or to search through all of the organizations in your area, either search by name in the upper left hand search box or go to the Organization page, where you'lll see a complete list of the organizations. Here, you'll be able to search for teh organizaion by name, city or zip. Once you find the organization you are looking for, click on the organization name and you will be directed to their profile page which includes their mission statement, contact information and upcoming volunteer opportunities. 

Why do I have to register as a member before I can look for opportunities?

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality service, and in an effort to improve the JustShareHope experience, we ask for both organizations and volunteers to register wth JustShareHope in order to view opportunities and start connecting with each other. The privacy and safeguarding of your personal information is of primary concern to us. Your regisration information will never be shared, and will only be used by JSH to communicate with you. 

How do JustShareHope Perks work?

National and local organzations understand the importance in giving back to our communities. Because of this, they offer coupons to JSH members who are making a difference. You will be able to click the perk, fill in your information, and the coupon selected will be delivered to your email. 

How do I offer a JustShareHope Perk?

You want to give back to volunteers in your community - we can help! Email us at info@justsharehope.com and we can assist in setting up your individual JustShareHope Perks page.

How do I find a volunteer opportunity?

To find a volunteer opportunity in the JustShareHope community, in the search box, enter your ZIP code and click on 'Search.' Once you have found an apportunity that interests you, click on the 'friend' button o connect with teh organzaion. This is non-binding and allows you to gather information on future events, check out past success stories and communicate with both volunteers who have participated and the organizers themselves. 

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