At different points in our lives, many look for opportunities to volunteer or give back their communities. Statistics show that people, across all demographics, would like to get involved in a meaningful way. Not only is the act of giving good for the soul, research indicates that there are loads of health benefits, both emotional and physical that result from acts of altruism. With diverse skills and often not a lot of time, potential volunteers look for opportunities that will make the most efficient use of those precious commodities: talent and time.  Finding the right opportunity shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

Katherine and Sarah were at that juncture. Looking for an opportunity to give back, they began with an Internet search. The lists and sites that returned were overwhelming. If you Google ‘volunteer’… more than 334,000,000 results are returned! They decided there must be a better, less intimidating, way to get involved. After years of research, development and speaking to volunteers and organizations (both for profit and not for profit); this mother- daughter team co-founded, a social media site dedicated to all things volunteerism. 

JustShareHope opens the lines of communication between volunteers and non-profits worldwide encouraging collaboration across organizations. It is also the one-stop shop for discounts, events, resources and inspiration.